Those late night and early morning wake-ups, the early days of cracked and painful nipples, poor latch, engorgement, the pinching and scratching, mastitis and dietary sacrifices. These, to name a few, are some of the things you’ve endured with one possibly more than one of your children.

However, you see that little face look up at you many times a day and you can literally see them changing, growing infront of your eyes.  You watch them develop as they learn to grasp, as that tiny little hand stretches out down the side of your body and you feel those little fingers tickle your back.  You watch that ridiculously teeny tiny nose grow and those eyes look up at you for the first time, catching your gaze. And as they pull off , realising that it’s you they’re looking at, they beam that beautiful all encompassing smile and you suddenly realise what all of it was for.  For this moment. The moment you will never forget.  These are the moments of motherhood.

Not all of us experience things the same way, I know with my first baby how hard it was.  The doubt, the anguish, the questions. ‘Is he getting enough, am I doing it right, why does he seem so hungry’.  I didn’t last very long at all, only a few days until I switched him over to formula.  I just didn’t trust myself enough or have the confidence, or seek the help I needed to continue.  Was bottle feeding still special? Yes! Absolutely! It meant that my partner was able to bond with him over late night feeds, to share some of the night shifts, to feel some of the things I’ve mentioned.  The truth is, no-matter how you do things, it’s the right way for you.  This post isn’t meant or intended to negate from the bond any mom has with her babies, it’s simply to outline that we give so much of ourselves to and for our children, asking for so little, if anything, in return.

As I sit here, my third gorgeous son tucked warmly against my belly, I realise how much of a gift this is.  These beautiful, painful, incredible moments – they need to be documented, treasured.  The phrase you hear so very often, you don’t realise just how often until you get to your third and your last and you now know what ‘they’ meant.  I wish I had images that documented those very first few days, I didn’t know how long  they’d last for.  None of us do.  These are the moments of motherhood, and I want to document them for you!

I will now be offering personal, breastfeeding photography to mommies wanting to document these tender moments.  In the comfort of your own home, or in studio, together we’ll find the perfect place to tell your story.  Styling and guidance available to make you feel your confident best on the day and to get the most natural images from your time with me.

Katherine Newman Breastfeeding journey devon Dorset