Hi! I’m Kate! Welcome to ‘Sawyer and Bear’!  You might be asking yourself, where the name comes from, it’s one of my favourite stories to tell…

My love affair with photography started in 2010, on a holiday to Thailand.  I fell head over heels with the depth of a photograph and how it was possible to capture mood and feeling in a still image.  I jumped all in and after a few short courses in DSLR photography, soon started shooting weddings.

In January 2013 I was blessed with a little, tiny soul.  His name was Sawyer. He made me a mommy, and he taught me how to love deeply, passionately and all-consumingly.  He is my best friend, my greatest ally and my treasured confidant, wise beyond his years and oh so gentle and kind.  

Two and a half years later, I was once again blessed with another tiny little soul (although he was not quite as tiny as the first!).  We named him Logan. He’s taught me patience, perseverance and gentleness as well as how to wear my heart on my sleeve.

It wasn’t long before his nickname became ‘Logie Bear’, and a bear he truly was!  To this day he adores cuddles and sure knows how to roar when he wants something. He loves his brother fiercely and with his crazy, wild blonde curls captures hearts wherever he goes.

About four years later (almost to the day) we welcomed our littlest Noah into the world, completing our beautiful family of five!

After many years of photographing weddings and families under my brand ‘Katherine Newman Photography’ it became clear to me that I needed to rebrand to define my family photography under its own name so that it could stand out the way it deserves to, so that my clients could see my passion for this genre shine through.

I love to be around families, around children, to be inspired by their innocence and the way they are able to see beauty in everything around them.  If I am able to capture just a few fleeting moments before they grow a little bigger, my heart is full. Becoming a mommy has enabled me to understand children, and communicate with them in a way that helps them to relax so that I can photograph them naturally, so that their characters really shine through in the images.

You can learn more about my wedding photography here!

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