New Years Eve 2020 was spent on Monmouth Beach with the Skellern Family.  It was the most beautiful afternoon with a magical golden sunset against a crisp, clear blue sky.  If there’s anything that makes me smile it would have to be a) a golden sunset, b) ringlets or curls and the c) the sea.  This family session quite literally ticked all of those boxes for me – and more!

So what happens during a family photography session, you may be wondering.  Surely it’s super cringe and awkward being in front of the camera, right? Nope! You’d be wrong there for sure! You see, you have your people there with you.  All your attention and focus needs to be on your people in that moment and not on me – you see that’s the winning combination! That’s how you document those genuine smiles and belly laughs.  By being totally and completely absorbed in these fleeting moments with your precious ones and leaving the rest up to me, it really is that simple!

Thank you so much Skellern Family for choosing me to document such special, fleeting moments for you and I do hope that our paths may cross again in the not too distant future where we can do it all over again.

If you’d like to get in touch to book your own shoot in the beautiful surroundings of East Devon, please get in touch here! I’d love to hear from you!