Victoria is the type of woman you never knew you needed in your life, until you met her.  She exudes warmth, generosity and love.  The type of person you feel so comfortable with, you could spend hours just chatting away over life and all that comes with it.  The type of person you always wished for in a best friend, but that few seldom find…

Victoria got in touch with me a while ago and invited me for a coffee (back in the days we were allowed into Costa with no social distancing – those days seem so long ago now!) and filled me in on a few projects she had up her sleeve.  We started chatting about how we could work together.  When she contacted me for a branding session for her new project ‘Stronger Than Thought’ I couldn’t wait to see what we would create together – and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

This is what Victoria had to say about our session:

I reached out to Kate as I was planning on launching my new brand “Stronger Than Thought” which is an offshoot from the work I do through The Keepsake Co. Stronger Than Thought came into being from my frustration of watching the most incredible women hold themselves back because they couldn’t see just how awe inspiring they were in their own unique and wonderful way. They allowed overwhelm, fear and self doubt to plague their mind which sometimes resulted in abandoned dreams which is heart breaking.

As an NLP and EFT practitioner I knew how important it is to work on our inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs. I wanted to combine this love of self development and product development together and needed photos to represent the feeling of the brand I held in my heart.  A brand which helps women become all that they are but in a gentle and beautiful way.

I don’t know how Kate managed it but from a coffee stop and a stroll on the beach she created the most perfect photos which captured the essence of what I wanted to be seen for. I gasped when I got the photos back and have been using them ever since. I no longer have to worry about finding photos as I have a whole folder full of images which totally represent me and my products.

If you are looking for some natural, lifestyle commercial/branding images for your website or social media platforms then you’ve come to right place.  I run a monthly content package that aims to give you a package of 30 images – 1 image for each day of the month, so that you’re never stuck for content!  The idea is that you can block book me for a set amount of months at a discounted rate, or just as a once off!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the fantastic women in the Lyme Bay area, with multiple projects and I hope to work with more in the future.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat and let’s see how we can project you, your brand and your content to the next level.   (I offer a 10% discount of services to all Lyme Bay Ladies).

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