Angela Brooke-Smith is a garden designer and florist at Flower Fusions in Somerset, where she has her own flower farm.  When she contacted me for some updated imagery I jumped at the opportunity to be surrounded by her beautiful blooms in the golden sunshine of late summer! The weather did throw us a bit of a curve ball with multiple postponements due to the rain, however, we got there in the end! I was blown away by the authenticity of Angela’s images and the way her beautiful personality and pure dedication and love for her art really shine through.  No doubt, her potential clients will feel the same.  This is exactly what I aim to achieve with every personal branding session that I take on.

Personal branding photography is the WHO, WHAT, WHY of your business! It is the way you want your potential clients and customers to see you.  It reflects your energy, your expertise and your experience – but most of all, it shows your personality! Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘You are your brand’? Basically this means that the way you are portrayed (or understood) can often be the deciding factor as to whether or not a person (or company) decides to work with you.

We currently live in a very loud and very competitive online world where clients are spoilt for choice when they are looking for products or services.  This means that you have one chance to convert them – to make them choose you over everyone else.  What’s the best way to do that?YOU!That’s right! Showing up as your most genuine and most authentic self will ensure you are being seen by YOUR ideal client every single time! If your content is relative to what they’re looking for and speaks to the needs that they have then it’s a winning combination.

The best thing that you can do on the day of your personal branding session is BE YOURSELF! Understandably, everyone is always shy for the first few minutes.  I have never had a client that hasn’t been (and this goes for friends & family that I’ve had in front of my camera too!).  I also find it best not to be too over ambitious with the initial planning because ultimately, things never truly go to plan.  I think it’s best to arrive having a few ideas in mind of what to create and let things play out from there! ‘Wing-it’ if you will.  I find that this approach allows the session to play out as naturally and stress free as possible for both of us! There’s nothing worse than arriving to a session with these grand plans in mind only to discover that none of it can go ahead because the landscape has been totally turfed and looks nothing like it did when you went to scout it out! Trust me, I’ve been there and it’s stressful!  There are things that CAN be controlled though and these are the things that I like to focus on! Wardrobe & styling, props and a list! Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned tick list, am I right?

After booking your shoot with me, I am available to you for wardrobe & styling guidance and for any other questions that you might have in the run up to your session.  I am also available to advise you how best to use your images after you receive them so that you really are as visible as you can be to those that are looking for you online (and might not even know it yet!).  You will also be showcased over on my social channels and blog where I will link through to your website and online profiles for a little SEO boost and EXTRA VISIBILITY!

Keen to find out more? Head on over here and let’s chat! I look forward to working with you!