It’s always such a treat collaborating with the lovely Claire from Wryxton-Smyth Creations who makes the most beautiful jewellery inspired by the outdoors and the local Dorset landscape. We share a love for the colour green in interiors and are both generally drawn to a more moody aesthetic. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful, private residence near Symondsbury Estate as our backdrop for the day which was just incredible because Claire’s mother was actually born in the house and grew up there as a child. (How cool is that!?)

Claire wanted to showcase her designs as being a versatile choice for both a younger and slightly older demographic and with her two beautiful models, I think we were able to demonstrate this effectively. She uses traditional techniques to make her jewellery, which I was lucky enough to see demonstrated on our first shoot together last year.  I am always inspired by how other creatives work, and hearing about their processes.  I have to admit that spending half a day with people like Claire and her lovely models feels a little bit like cheating and hardly like work at all, but I’ll happily take it any day of the week!

Thank you so much for having me along Claire, I am already looking forward to the next one!