“ Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” Oh may you play and laugh like this together for as long as the sky is blue, and may your beautiful souls remain as innocent and hungry for adventure as they are today.  This is the wish I have for you, my boys.

I wanted to put together a little post for you guys to show you just how little we photographers need in order to create some magical memories for you to treasure! It’s even easier with little ones because their tiny features fit in so perfectly in amongst the great abundance of nature and one can easily isolate them against a particular backdrop. Like these, for example.  They were literally taken outside our front door, on a grassy patch (because it hasn’t been mowed for months due to Covid).  It just needed a little golden light to make the images really pop and we could have been absolutely ANYWHERE! You’d literally never guess we were sat on a grassy patch on a housing estate in the middle of tiny old Axminster! Be sure to head on over to Instagram and check out today’s story to see the backdrop to this set of images.

Because I’m such a sucker for perfectly co-ordinated outfits, when the boys told me they wanted to be ‘Captain America’ and ‘A Pirate’ I’m not going to lie, I cringed.  You see, I had envisioned them in their little chino shorts and white crisp shirts.  My husband said to me, ‘just let them be boys’.  He was so right! These came out perfectly because without the props they probably wouldn’t have been as candid and the boys wouldn’t really have played the part as well as they did in these images! I’m just going to have to save my pristine portraits for another day!